Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I do not qualify for free insulation, can I receieve anything towards the cost?

A. Yes, If you have less than 60mm of insulation, you qualify for a grant, covering up to 50% of the cost.

Q. Do I have to clear my loft of personal belongings before insulating takes place?

A. Yes, loft clearence is not included in free or grant aided work, many people ask friends or family to help although a seperate cost for clearence can be arranged at the time of assesment.

Q. I have floor boards in place, can the insulation be laid over them?

A. Unfortunatly not, we are unable to lay insulation over the top of floor boards do to CERT regulations. It would leave an air gap under the insulation making it uneffective. Please remove floor boards before your insulating date.

Q. Can I use my loft for storage after the insulation has been installed?

A. The finished hight of insulation is 270mm , to avoid compressing the insulation when storing items it is recomended to raise the height of the joists in four places so a board/s can be laid down and items stored on top.

Q. How long does the insulating take?

A. The average house takes between one and two hours to complete.

Q. How long before my loft is insulated.

A. We aim to insulate lofts within 10 working days of your survey request.

Q. Is funding available for extensions or conversions?

A. Funding is not available if the insulation is being installed to meet building regulations therefore funding is not available for extensions or conversions.